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Banners: I had a little too much fun making them, so here're a bunch.

88x31: matches layout crimson eye lavender eye sad Ash Ash's eyes cute Ash black&white lazy Ash

200x40: matches layout crimson eyes lavender eyes sad Ash sexy Ash. Sad, but sexy. chibis black&white

Hover over the images to see the site name and any notes I may have. Some of these sites are shounen-ai/yaoi and/or NC-17 rated, so please pay attention to my notes if you're sensitive to any of that.

8-Bit Theater Your Wings Are Mine *shounen-ai* MegaTokyo Saturnalia Target! *shounen-ai in later chapters* Post Sex Cleanup *NC-17* Cursed MoonS *shounen-ai* -check out the YamiMatsu fanart, too!

leveL Arcana *shounen-ai* RPG World

Carrots & Cheese *NC-17 yaoi* Shounen-Ai, Go!! *shounen-ai, duh* -home of Mandi-chan's Tones!-

Time Disorder -two different comics- *ummm... potentially insulting humor?* - A Directory of Online Comics


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