Reality Nexus: The Nexus Project seeks to go beyond human limits... But perhaps those limits are there for a reason....

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Disclaim-warning-thing: Reality Nexus is an online comic by Elise. There may be violence and/or sex in later parts. I'm not quite sure yet; I haven't outlined past Part 5-ish yet.
There will definitely be: yaoi (that's the big one), bad gaming jokes, Ash-teasing by numerous parties, badly drawn drums, and lots of chibi-ing. The shounen-ai doesn't come in until part 2 or 3, although the yaoi jokes start around page 10. Don't like Final Fantasy references or boys' love? You may want to skip this particular comic.

Today's Ranty: 14-Oct-2002
Well, here's hoping things work for a bit.... Sometimes the comic works, sometimes it doesn't. I have no control over this whatsoever. The pages and images are all uploaded, so if they give you any crap, hit Reload on your browser.
Today begins the first story arc, the "Introduce the Characters and Start some Plot" bit. I have up to page 20 sketched, and I'm hoping to finish it eventually. However, updates will be sporadic for a bit, until I start my IT classes again and settle into a schedule.

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