"It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

About Reality Nexus

The comic began when I'd been spending far too much time reading webcomics. I drew Ash, and characters just grew from that. Plot is harder though. I wanted a band, but as a side thing. I wanted videogame jokes. You know, stuff people actually care about ^_^ Anyways, the comic is still evolving. Ratings are subject to change, because there will be some dark storylines, but I do like humor, so rest assured things won't stay heavy too long.

As for how it's done, I draw and ink the pages by hand and then scan them in and edit them in Photoshop 6. I use regular printer paper, as I have a manga paper set-up that I print out and draw on. I use it to remind my self to leave margin space. I forget that sometimes ^_^;; Some pages are colored either with my markers and other arty things or in Photoshop again. All screentoning is done in Photoshop, as well. Some retouching may be done in Paintshop Pro, but I mostly work in Photoshop. Then it goes up on the site.

The site itself was designed very quickly one night in Frontpage, and then editted in Dreamweaver after I reinstalled Windows and all my programs. The final (?) version was tweaked by hand, including the small amount of CSS. It's meant to be simple, to keep the number of images down because the manga pages are big.

That's about it for the technical stuff.

Reality Nexus is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.