"Where there's a grief, there will always be hope for a place where we can be who we want to be."
~ Mica Arisaka, dis- (English version), from Infinite Ryvius


AshAsh Fletcher- 16, Vertigo Solution's vocalist, can be difficult to work with. Click image for full bio.

BobbyBobby Walsh- 16, Ash's best friend, bassist for Vertigo Solution, loves falling in love. Click image for full bio.

LillienLillien Westcott- (points a gun at you if you ask her age), John Littlefield's "glorified secretary" at LF Software, actually the new manager of the Nexus Project, independant and proud, likes being active.

GabeGabe Sadie- 16, rhythm guitarist for Vertigo Solution, often very sleepy, has several younger siblings.

HankHank Feldman-Jones- 17, lead guitarist for Vertigo Solution, Toby's best friend, easy-going, loves playing the guitar.

TobyToby Walsh- 17, Bobby's older brother, drummer for Vertigo Solution, a very serious musician and somewhat of a control-freak.

The NexusThe Nexus- a character in an experimental videogame.

DanaDana Fletcher- 17, Ash's older brother, more a fanGIRL than a fanboy, thinks Ash should give up being straight so he can play matchmaker.

MarcMarc Fletcher- late twenties, Ash and Dana's older brother and legal guardian, an accountant at Littlefield Corp.

John LittlefieldJohn Littlefield- 40-something, owner and CEO of Littlefield Corp.

#41# 41- roughly 16 years old, the most complete number in the Nexus Project, currently attending high school in Japan.

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