"Like a scene from a movie, all perfect lawns and aluminum siding. Where's our Eddy Scissorhands, our Buffy the Slayer? 'Cause Pleasantview Heights is too perfect to be real."
~ Vertigo Solution, Pleasantview Heights (lyrics by Ash)


Bobby Walsh and Ash Fletcher weren't exactly normal teenagers, but they didn't care. They were happy being RPG fanboys and playing in their band. When Ash's older brother got them a spot as playtesters for a new videogame by LF Software, they both jumped at the chance. But hidden behind this relatively harmless game is a twenty-year-old experiment whose time has finally come....


After a single playing session, a synch error creates a Real Model of a dangerous chimera. The creature attacks, and forces the new manager of the Nexus Project to reveal the projects existance to Ash, Bobby, and Ash's brother Dana. Forty-one children of employees, implanted before birth with genetic modifications to break human limits. Each child is unique, and one is the Nexus, a being able to allow these children to cross into the connected worlds and touch their other selves.

But exactly which child is the Nexus, and who else is after him?

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