"Don't mind the singer. We think he has PROBLEMS."
~ Bobby

Ash Fletcher

Ash FletcherFull name: Ashley Augustus Fletcher
Birthdate: June 26
Hair: Dark brown (bleached blond)
Eyes: Blue-grey
Family: older brothers Marc and Dana
Hobbies: music, anime, RPGs
Likes: most music, Final Fantasy, crosses, white hair
Dislikes: "normal" people, high school, therapy
Instrument: voice, piano, guitar
Guitar: black BC Rich Warlock
Number: 29

Ash was only seven when his parents died, so most of his memories are of his brothers. He is much closer to Dana, who is only a year older than him, but still adores Marc.

Bobby and Ash have been best friends since kindergarten. They literally grew up together, and are very close. They were always on the fringe of groups at school, and by high school were nearly outcast- until Bobby became interested in girls and Ash became 'cute'. Bobby would often use Ash's looks to get girls for himself, since Ash has very little interest in the local selection. He dislikes what he views as 'normal girls', and prefers those he meets at clubs where the band plays- although none of those have worked out in months. Dana thinks it would be amusing if Ash was a yaoi-boy, but Ash shows no interest in guys, either. Marc thinks he's just too picky.

Ash has a deep passion for music- especially singing. He was in the school chorus until his voice broke, and took private lessons to retrain himself. He never rejoined the school group, having discovered the joy of garage bands. He joined Vertigo Solution as the vocalist almost a year ago, and although he gets a bit dreamy at times, is very serious about getting big someday. He got into Japanese rock bands through Dana, and adores Dir en Grey, of all bands. He says he likes the way Kyo screams.