"Hard work, low pay, and frequent death- those are the realities of the henchman's life."
~ Chris Pramas, "The Henchman: A New Core Class for the d20 System" from Nodwick #16

Bobby Walsh

Bobby Walsh Full name: Robert Lewis Walsh
Birthdate: June 7
Age: 16
Hair: Medium-light brown
Eyes: Blue
Family: mother Alice, father Ronald, older brother Toby
Hobbies: anime, video games, playing bass
Likes: King of Fighters, old school RPGs, happy punk, being in love
Dislikes: tight pants, getting dumped
Instrument: bass guitar
Number: 27

Bobby has been Ash Fletcher's best friend since at least kindergarten, and easily fits into his role as "the happy one". He's energetic, care-free, and optimistic. His favorite feeling is that first moment of falling in love, and is very fickle when checking out girls. He has had serious relationships in the past, but they never seem to work out. Through no fault of his own, he insists.

When not practicing with the band or picking up girls, Bobby can be found in his room with his game consoles. He's currently in love with his Playstation 2- to the extent of writing a song about it- mostly because he could get rid of his defective old PS1. "Backwards compatibility is a gift from the Gawds, Ash." Bobby is also fond of table-top RPGs, but hasn't been able to play for awhile, due to what Ash calls "The Mountain Frost Incident". Neither will explain this.

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